VC investors and startup enthusiasts, this one is for you: we’ve partnered with startup-discovery provider Startupdetector to present the “new kids on the block” in the German Travel & Mobility Tech startup ecosystem.

We’ve taken a look at all the travel and mobility-related companies that have been registered in the German Handelsregister since late 2018. Chronologically ordered. Equipped with a brief company description. And updated on a quarterly basis.

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NameDescriptionCityRegistered onURL
Actionbound GmbHSoftware developer that allows users to create their own scavenger hunts, educational routes or multimedia tours of the city for smartphonesHohenpeißenberg31/08/2019Link
Zaubar UGDeveloper of a mobile app with which historical images can be displayed as augmented reality content at real locations, for example as part of city tours.Berlin19/08/2019Link
GLOBEGURU GmbHDeveloper of an online marketplace for travel influencers.Hamburg12/08/2019Link
FlipCar GmbHProvider of a mobile app with which users can find transfer journeys for rental cars for one euro.Bremen24/06/2019Link
99Active Limited & Co. KGDeveloper of a marketplace for bookable experiencesElchesheim-Illingen04/06/2019Link
GoXtrip GmbHDeveloper of a social network focused on making it easier to travel together with other people.München07/05/2019Link
Raaago UGDeveloper of a mobile app for curated recommendations for travelers.Berlin02/05/2019Link
World Around Me GmbHDeveloper ofa mobile app that allows users to see interesting places in their immediate vicinity on their smartphone with AR.Berlin16/04/2019Link
DialogShift GmbHDeveloper of chatbots. The first product is specifically tailored to the communication of hotels with their guests.Berlin22/03/2019Link
actyvyst GmbHDeveloper of a white label mobile marketplace for experiences in touristy areas.Düsseldorf21/03/2019Link
Meravando GmbHOperator of a booking platform for cruises that are automatically offsetted.Köln20/03/2019Link
LobbySpace UGDeveloper of a software that allows businesses to display their own relevant content on screens for their guests.Hamburg11/03/2019Link
Rave Travel UGDeveloper of a community-driven mobile app where users can share travel recommendations in visual form (photos, maps).Berlin04/01/2019Link
Lambus GmbHDeveloper of a mobile app to simplify the planning and administration of joint trips (e.g. cost sharing).Osnabrück03/01/2019Link
HIKANOE GmbHManufacturer of a 5kg canoe that fits in a backpack, which the company sells and rents.Wildau14/11/2018Link
Vareda Ventures UGDeveloper of a platform that inspires, advises and helps customers book adventure journeys of various difficulties, supporting their customers throughout the journey.Berlin02/11/2018Link
StayFree GmbHDeveloper of an app that helps users find the best free places to camp.Konstanz01/10/2018Link
Urbi DE GmbHDeveloper of a mobile app which enables users to find and book multiple shared mobility services in a single app.Berlin28/08/2019Link
tretty UGProvider of a white label solution to enable organisations to introduce and manage their own kickbike fleets, as well as maintaining its own fleetMünster23/08/2019Link
Applied Intuition GmbHDeveloper of simulation and analysis software infrastructure for engineering and product development teams bringing autonomy to market.München17/08/2019Link GmbHProvider of short term leasing services for cars and other mobility vehicles.Friedrichshafen01/08/2019Link
Atlas Aero GmbHDeveloper of an electric and internal combustion engine powered aircraft that will take off and land vertically and fly forwards.Gilching25/07/2019Link
Leam GmbHDeveloper of software that optimises urban mobility, last mile, autonomous driving, fleet logistics, etc.Stuttgart15/07/2019Link
EVER Mobility Solutions GmbHProvider of the rental of Renault Twizzys in select locations through their mobile appKöln22/05/2019Link
Phantasma Labs UGDeveloper of extensive simulations to teach autonomous cars to "understand" people.Berlin08/04/2019Link
goFLUX Mobility GmbHDeveloper of a mobile carpooling app for individuals and enterprisesKöln04/04/2019Link
EV Freaks GmbHDeveloper of a mobile app for owners of electric cars allowing them to find charging stations that match their car, hiding unsuitable stations.Schwäbisch Hall03/04/2019Link
AW Mobility GmbHDeveloper of a lightweight eBike, weighing in at 15kg.München29/03/2019Link
Zero Mobility GmbHDeveloper of an app that allows e-scooters to be flexibly rented and left behind in a defined area.Berlin24/01/2019Link
Moovster GmbHProvider of a mobility budget for employers, as well as a loyalty program for their users.München17/01/2019Link
Beamtown GmbHProvider of e-scooters that can be booked via an app, enabling people to have access to sustainable transportation for small distances in cities.Grünwald14/12/2018Link
Leitbild Mobility GmbHDeveloper of software that allows customers to view all available mobility options for their specific location (public transport departure times, rental bike locations, etc.).München13/12/2018Link
uze! Mobility GmbHDeveloper of a platform which allows users to rent electric transporters which feature advertisement on the side, lowering the rental cost.Aachen31/10/2018Link
LMTS Germany GmbHProvider of e-scooters that can be booked via an app, enabling people to have access to sustainable transportation for small distances in cities.Berlin18/10/2018Link
PRIOCAR AGDeveloper of electric vehicles, the first being an inexpensive compact electric car "e.GO Life" for urban traffic.Zülpich15/10/2018Link
FAAREN GmbHProvider of short term leasing services for cars and other mobility vehicles.Würzburg12/10/2018Link
UrmO GmbHManufacturer of a small electric vehicle comparable to the hoverboard. It weighs only 7kg and can be folded in 2 seconds.Gilching12/09/2018Link
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