What is travelandmobility.tech?

Travelandmobility.tech is THE INDUSTRY DEEP DIVE for all who work at the forefront of digital innovation in the context of travel and mobility.

We provide unconventional, data-driven market intelligence on the most relevant trends in Travel & Mobility Tech and reveal the driving forces behind the radical shifts affecting our industry. This is based on the belief that innovation can no longer be accomplished through silo-like initiatives. Travel can only become truly seamless if we work together across the industry – startups, tech giants, traditional travel operators, infrastructure providers, and regulators alike.

travelandmobility.tech is our contribution to creating an industry-wide common understanding of the most important developments. We want to initiate discussions and joint efforts amongst the most relevant players. We want to empower decision-makers to make informed business calls on how to improve the traveler experience through digital innovation.

That’s why we welcome any critical perspectives on our content and appreciate suggestions for analyses that you think are missing in the current debate. Reach out right here.

Why Travel & Mobility Tech?

Travel and Mobility have long been considered two separate industries. But the digital age and a user-centric understanding of the traveler journey have made both sectors closely intertwined.

One example: for the longest time, airlines have solely focused on taking care of the passenger while they are on board. But taking a plane from A to B is only one component of the entire door-to-door travel experience. Travelers need to get to and from the airport (mobility), need housing (hospitality), look for things to do at the destination (Tours & Activities), and wish for (digital) assistance along the entire trip.

To cater to the traveler of today, we need to renew our traditional understanding of industry sectors. The ecosystem of products and services along the entire traveler journey is what we have coined as “Travel & Mobility Tech” – hence the name of this website.

Who’s behind travelandmobility.tech?

We are experts in the Travel & Mobility Tech sector. Why? Because we have skin in the game. All content contributors are employees of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub. Every piece of content we produce will be narrated with true expertise.

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub is the leading digitalization unit of the Lufthansa Group and connects the world’s largest airline group with the Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystem worldwide. Our mission is to create and capture value beyond flying. To do this, we invest in startups, initiate partnerships between Lufthansa and startups, and most importantly, incubate new digital services and products ourselves.

In our work, we always follow the credo, “data beats opinion”. We want to act on facts rather than beliefs. That’s why exploring the Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystem is the crucial foundation on which all of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub’s activities are built on.

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